5 Travel Beauty Essentials 

Micellar Water 

I generally have pretty clear skin, but whenever I go travelling it immediately gets a bit clogged up. I think it’s the combination of daily sunscreen and sweat (beautiful, I know!). Anyway, keeping my face clean and pores unclogged becoming critically important when I’m away! While I try to keep my skin care regime up when I can, this is not always realistic, especially where


night buses and/or alcohol are involved! Micellar water then becomes a lifesaver! I find it a great way to give my face a good clean with minimal effort. Garnier also sell a great travel edition these days, which is a winner! I can’t completely rely on it, but it helps me keep my face clean when I’m away. 


I’m really in to teeth. Not like a fetish, but I like to look after my teeth. I have already written about this far more than is necessary BUT a tooth care has to feature somewhere. While nothing beats a good brush, mouthwash is sometimes the best option, mostly when night buses are involved. Have you noticed that most of this post is about me trying to keep clean on the buses? Probably the worst part of travelling. Anyway, mouthwash with a high fluoride content helps me keep my teeth in tip top shape when I’m away, as well as a good brushing when possible! 

Deep Cleansing


Traveling, especially Southeast Asia, is dusty. You’re going to be spending a lot of time outside. Add a slathering of sunscreen on top of your dusty skin, and you’re looking at some clogged skin. I almost always breakout when I’m away so am always looking for ways to limit this.


The best way I’ve found is to THOROUGHLY cleanse. At home, I always double cleanse. My long-standing favourite product is Lush’s Ultrabland. It’s great at keeping my skin clear. However, as you need to use it with a cloth it can be a little impractical out and about.


I therefore often opt for a mixture of Ultrabland and a foaming cleanser. It feels great on the skin and really leaves you feeling clean. Moving to Korea, I have discovered some fantastic natural beauty brands. My current favourite is the Pure Beauty Bud Relief Foam Cleanser from Nature’s Republic.

Lush Ultrabland


Wet wipes/face wipes 

Again with the cleanliness. I used general wet wipes, but face wipes work just as well. Sometimes you just want to feel clean, and wet wipes are the best option. This may be on a night bus, or a boat, or even in the middle of a day of sightseeing. But you will be thankful that you bought that pocket size packet of wipes to clean away the dust-entrenched sweat. It’s utterly gross, but totally necessary.  


I’m pretty lazy when it comes to make up at the best of times, but travelling it becomes VERY minimal. A glowing tan makes foundation pretty redundant, and the heat makes my usual eyeliner a bit smudgy. While I have been known to use lipstick for special occasions, this is pretty rare. My go to make up is mascara. I love mascara, especially the waterproof kind. Nothing can transform a sweaty, bedraggled face quite like a slick of mascara. And I’m not proud, but it’s carried over to my everyday life. Low maintenance is swiftly becoming my thing these days. 

Great Lash Mascara

When you travel, what are you essentials?