About Me

About Me


Yes, it may be a cliché but I love to travel. It is the reason I go to work every day, to earn money for my next trip. I like to think I’ve become a savvy traveler over the years, so I thought I would share what I’ve learnt!

I have never been particularly well off, and taking regular time off work hasn’t helped my career! So, as you can imagine, my trips are almost always on a budget. I am a creature of comfort so I’m all about maximising my budget!


I went down the convential path and went to uni, getting a masters’ degree in American Literature. I always enjoyed short trips but never felt the pull of traveling; the thought of living out of a backpack terrified me.  Then it all changed. While I was studying my masters I suffered a personal loss and decided to take a bit of time for myself. I had friends driving around the USA. My mum convinced me to go and join them for 6 weeks and I booked my flight to leave a week later.


It completely changed my outlook on everything (grandiose, I know!). I took to backpacking like a fish to water. Having just one bag made me feel liberated and being in a new place every other day because one of the best things I’d ever experienced. Even before I got home, I knew this wasn’t going to be my only trip.




I came to skiing pretty late. I didn’t learn until I was 24. It was WAY harder than I ever imagined but I absolutely loved it. I had a number of friends who did ski seasons so I began to look warm to the idea. Then, in December 2013, I boarded a coach to France and spent 5 months working in Courchevel, France. It was a fantastic, yet exhausting, experience.




Real Life


When I got home I figured I should start looking in to getting a ‘real job’ and settling down. I found a job at a university close to my house working with passports and international students. I did really enjoy this for a time. However,  after 18 months I realised the static life isn’t for me. I booked a trip to Southeast Asia to clear my head and figure out what I wanted to do!




I have a few friends who have taught over in Korea and it is something I’ve always found really appealing. When I returned from my two-month, I started doing some research and applying for jobs. After a couple of months, I got offered a job I wanted. I arrived in July and have been enjoying myself ever since!