Europe Portugal

EUROPE: Why I Love Lisbon

When you think of Portugal, most people think of villa holidays on the Algarve. In the past few years, Lisbon and Porto have finally been recognised for being fantastic holiday spots in their own right. Incredibly affordable compared to their Spanish and Italian counterparts, they offer a great alternative for the thrifty traveler.   I …

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Europe Slovakia

Enjoying Bratislava on a Budget

After leaving Korea, I had a big trip across Southeast Asia planned. As I added up the cost of flights, spending money, and just shipping things home, I came to realise I was going to cost me a sizeable sum. I worked really hard in Korea to pay off debt and finally acquire myself some …

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Visiting Home
Europe Korea

6 Things I Loved About Visiting Home

After 18 months living in Asia, I finally managed to schedule a trip visiting home this month. This job affords few holidays so I just haven’t had to time. After feeling a bit homesick, I decided to use one of my two weeks to spend some time with my friends and family in England.   …

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A Snapshot of... Europe

Copenhagen on a Budget

Scandinavia is often overlooked as a travel destination. Tales of extortionate prices and biting cold have often caused me to choose other European destinations, such as Portugal and France. When RyanAir offered super cheap flights to Copenhagen, it seemed like a fantastic time to finally go and explore. Before this trip, I didn’t know much …

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My 5 Favourite Places to Visit in Europe

The longer I am away, the more I realise how amazing Europe is. The history and food are the main culprits obviously. But for me, it is also the reverence of history. One thing that has struck me about living in Seoul is how quick they are to tear things down to build something new. …

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Visiting Marrakech, Morocco

I have been captivated by Morocco since I was a child. Wander the souks, dining on tagine, and relaxing by a pool with a mint tea coloured my imagination. As a teenager, the idea of Morocco was daunting. It just seemed so loud, brash and dirty, and not to mention, unsafe. However, after backpacking in …

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Forbidden City Beijing
A Snapshot of... China

A Postcard from Beijing

I have often found myself in Asia, yet China has never pulled me. The rigmarole of getting a visa (and the extra cost of this) always deterred me. I am basically a lazy traveller! Living in Seoul for the past year, I am always keen to utilise my holidays. However, the price of flights during …

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