What I Want to Read in 2018

January has a seen a brutal winter in Seoul. The air is crisp and the skies are blue, so I can’t overly complain. I’m just not used to such cold temperatures. As such, I’m basically not let me apartment except to go to work. Curling up inside with a book is all I can manage. Oh, and watching Orange is the New Black.

In terms of reading, 2017 was a spectacular year. I read a number of books, and some really hefty ones at that! I choose my books well, and enjoyed almost all of them. This has fired me up for 2018. I will be moving back to the UK this year, so I will probably be spending less time alone with less time to read.

Therefore, I have lowered my target this year to a moderate 20. I am also planning on starting a Ph.D, so that will take up a lot of my reading time.

What will I be reading 2018?

I wrote list this time last year and read about two thirds of them, so it was pretty successful. What am I hoping to read this year?

The Book of Dust by Philip Pullman


I have been excited about this book since I heard rumour of its release. I recently reread the first trilogy, His Dark Materials. I asked for the new book for Christmas and was lucky enough to receive it from my sister. It is one of the most beautiful books I have ever seen! I have tried so hard not to put down my Kindle and read it straight away. When I’ve finished my current read, I will finally be able to start!



Every year I tell myself I will read more non-fiction books. Generally I do ok, but not great. This year I’m setting myself a goal of 4 non-fiction books. I imagine they will mostly be race-related to my dissertation, but at least one won’t be. I’d like to read something about food and globalisation, so if anyone has any recommendations that would be great!


I am ashamed to say I neglected the classics this year. When I read them, I generally enjoy them. I have a load of them on my shelf back home, so I’m going to try to include a couple of my list this year. Maybe even one of the long ones…..

The Man Booker Prize

I used to be so good at reading the Man Booker Prize shortlist. Recently, I have been terrible. The main reason (or at least what I’m blaming) is the Kindle. As they are highly discussed books, they are usually quite expensive. In England, I would just wander into Oxfam books and pick up a used copy. Hopefully something I can do once I home.

We Shall See…

January is full of optimistic beginnings and ambitious goals. Time will tell how successful I am in 2018. Judging by 2017, it should be a good reading year!