I’m Moving Back to the UK

After 18 months, I am finally leaving Seoul. It feels weird to be writing it, as I still don’t feel like it’s actually happening! Living so far from home it’s easy to forget life is carrying on back home. I’ve always known Seoul wouldn’t be my permanent home. I love it here, but I find myself missing too many British and European things!


I handed my notice in back in December, with the idea to leave in March. However, as our school year finishes in February at Seollal (Lunar New Year) it made the most sense to leave now. This meant that flights were EXPENSIVE to get home. I ended up opting for price over comfort and chose Air China. I’m apprehensive after everything person I tell pulling a face! We will see how it goes!


I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. Part of me is definitely ready to leave, while part of me could stay here forever. I suppose that’s always the way when you resolutely finish a chapter of your life.


I have filled my time when I get home. I figure the busier I am, the less sad and regretful I’ll be! The long term plan is to move to London, which is incredibly exciting!


Regardless of my feelings, I am flying back home to the UK on Friday. With temperatures as high as 10C, I never thought I would be excited for British weather!