KOREAN FOOD: Donkastu 돈가스

As my departure draws ever closer, I have slowly realised how much I will actually miss Korean food. Obviously not ALL of it (anything with kimchi in it for, instance!), but definitely some of it. Among these is donkatsu (돈가스). Not the healthiest food Korea has to offer, but one of the most tasty and guilty!


This is the meal I go to when I’m feeling rebellious! Sometimes healthy food just doesn’t cut it and all you need it deep-fried goodness. I’m try to avoid the bigger international chains before I leave, instead trying to enjoy all Korean food has to offer. Along with mandu soup, this is one of my most frequent choices.


What Is Donkatsu?


Donkatsu is derived from the Japanese tonkatsu, almost literally translated to make the Korean term. I have seen this refered to as don-gaseu, donkatsu, and donkaseu in English. I still am no closer to understanding which is correct! It is essentially a pork cutlet pounded flat, then covered in breadcrumbs and fried. It is very similar to a schnitzel. Unlike its Japanese counterpart, it rarely comes as a curry, although you can get this.



According to Wikipedia, one of the main difference between Korean and Japanese version is the Koreans don’t cut theirs up before serving. Instead, they are eaten with a knife and fork instead of chopsticks. Of all the donkatsu I have eaten in Korea, it has never come unsliced and I have always been offered only a pair of chopsticks.



It often comes with a thick brown sauce. Many restaurants will also offer a variety. My favourite is when they stuff it with cheese! Melted cheese can never be a bad addition! I have also had it served with sweet potato inside, which was a bit overwhelming-sweet for me.

How do you eat donkatsu?


Most places will serve it on a wire rack, accompanied with sauce, salad, rice, pickled radish and kimchi. It is usually a main meal by itself as it’s pretty filling! It is not going to make you feel invigorated when you finish, as there’s no getting around how fried this all is! Still, I still enjoy it as a treat!


Where can you get it?


It is available at most Korean restaurants, and it usually around the 8 000won mark. It is usually cheap meat, so don’t worry about trying to go to a fancy restaurant to try it.

Have you tried Donkatsu? What did you think?

Natalia xo


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