I will admit I am not the biggest fan of Korean food. If you’ve read any of my posts, this is pretty clear! However, there are a few things that I love and will miss. Gimbap is the thing I love most! As I suffer from a gluten-intolerance, it can be hard to find snacks that are healthy and cheap. Gimbap ticks all these boxes. I have to make an effort not to eat it on a daily basis!




It is essential Korea’s version of sushi, at least in physicality. While it looks similar to a California roll, this is pretty much where the comparisons end. While sushi is mostly raw fish, gimbap is usually cooked ingredients. This makes it a great option for people whocan’t face the idea of uncooked fish!


It is a rice roll, filled with various ingredients (usually carrot, pickled raddish, and cucumber) then wrapped in a sheet of seaweed. You can choose your filling. Some popular options are tuna, chicken, beef(galbi), and cream cheese. There really is something for everybody’s taste! If you order it in a restaurant, it will usually be served with a side of kimchi.




Gimbap comes in two main styles: roll or triangle. The most popular is the roll. This can either be made fresh and sliced, or served as a complete roll wrapped up.


Triangle gimbap are more for a quick snack, and can be a bit fiddly to open!


In terms of your filling, different places will offer different things. But the general options are fish and meat. I would say tuna and ham are the most common. They are generally not suitable for vegetarians but I have found a chain that offers a cream cheese options, which I will link below.





Most Korean restaurants will offer freshly made gimbap to order. This is the best place to try it! Most places will also let you take it away if you’re in rush. Cream cheese gimbap is my favourite late night snack in front of the tv!


The other option is convience stores. All convenience stores will sell triangle gimbap, and sometimes a larger roll option. Triangle gimbap are usually less than a dollar and relatively healthy. There is a variety of flavours, such as ham, spam, cheese, spicy rice, tuna, chicken, and tuna mayo. While they aren’t the best food in Korea, they are great to grab on the go.




Fantastic! It is tasty, healthy and cheap! For anybody visiting Korea, gimbap is one of the must-try foods!