Visiting Marrakech, Morocco

I have been captivated by Morocco since I was a child. Wander the souks, dining on tagine, and relaxing by a pool with a mint tea coloured my imagination. As a teenager, the idea of Morocco was daunting. It just seemed so loud, brash and dirty, and not to mention, unsafe. However, after backpacking in India, I realised I could travel anywhere!


As is always my predicament, I was on a strict budget. As much as I wanted a beautiful riad experience, it was just beyond my price range. I therefore opted for a flight and hotel deal with It was a new hotel in the new part of the city, but it did have a pool and included breakfast. Swings and roundabouts.


My impressions of Marrakech are mixed and complicated. Some parts exceeded my expectations, while others left me feeling disappointed.

The Food

The biggest let down was the food. I will put my hands up and admit that I did no research before the trip, instead choosing places that looked nice. This was perhaps the mistake. The food in the Medina was far too oily for me, leaving me feeling nauseous. I did have a fantastic mean at Le Grand Café de la Poste. in a building that oozes 1920s charm, the architecture was worth a visit alone! The food itself was most French, and all incredibly good value considering the setting.

The Souks

The souks were everything I imagined they would be. They were winding, musty, and loud. A complete overload on the senses. Sellers shouted at us to buy their wares, children raced past it, and everything seemed to glitter. The only let down was the quality. I wasn’t expecting anything fantastic, but most of the items for sale were clearly mass-produced in China. I saw the same trinkets for sale stall after stall.

One of my favourite parts of visiting this city was the architecture. I love exploring a city and soaking in it’s atmosphere. Marrakesh has some beautiful traditional and colonial buildings. We visited the and the Tombs, both of which I would recommend. One of the great things about Marrakesh is there aren’t a loads of big sights to see. You can therefore take your time, wandering down little alleyways and getting lost.

Final Thoughts of Morocco

Overall, I loved Marrakech. Did it live up to my expectations? Not really. But then that is my own fault for going with so many. It clearly survives on tourism and you can feel that when you are there. Everyone is trying to make a living, and it often felt a little gimmicky. However, I still found it incredibly beautiful and am keen to explore the rest of Morocco.


Where else is good to visit in Morocco?