SEOUL: East Dulwich Café, Gangnam

One of the things I miss most about living in Seoul is the plethora of beautifully-styled cafes and coffee shops. Although I made a conscious effort to experience as many as I could, I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface! Embarrassingly, it took me a ridiculously long time to visit East Dulwich Café, especially considering it as a 400m walk!


One of my favourite things about Seoul cafes is the amount of owners who are willing to bake their own rather than buying them in. Of course, some probably buy them from bakeries, but the variety is far higher than the UK where they tend to be very similar.


I walked past East Dulwich so often on my neighbourhood walks, and never thought to go in. It’s quite small and unassuming from the outside. It doesn’t have any outside seating, which was often at the top of my list during the summer months. One day I was scrolling through MangoPlate (a FANTASTIC app for anybody living in Seoul) and East Dulwich kept coming at the top with a superb rating. One morning I finally got my act together and went for a visit.


The café itself is beautifully decorated while still being simple. The main aesthetic is white and grey, making the whole place feel very chic. There is a beautiful arrangement of books and items on the back wall, giving it a more homely vibe.

The cakes instantly drew me as they are arranged on the counter as you walk in. While the range isn’t particularly broad, it’s a bloody good selection so it doesn’t really matter. The options are: Plain scone, matcha or Earl Grey canelé, Tiramisu, fruit toast, lemon cake, and other items that weren’t on display. This is accompanied by a decent coffee menu. Everything was quite expensive, but then that’s what you would expect in Daechi!


I opted for a vanilla bean latte and a plain scone. Both came in earthenware style plates and cups, which really fitted with the café’s whole aesthetic. Both were good, and I would wholly recommend the scone! It was served warm with jam and butter.

Overall, this is an adorable little café tucked away between Hanti and Seolleung stations. It is  great place to curl up and get some work done. The service was excellent, and the cake was delicious! What more could you ask for!


Where is it?


To find East Dulwich café, go to Hanti station and walk out exit 2. Take the first left and walk about 300m then take the 3rd right. It will then be on your left after about 200m.