SEOUL: Mr Holmes Bakehouse

One of my favourite things in the world is pastry. As somebody who is gluten intolerant (pretty seriously), I am willing to go wild and risk it all for a croissant. There’s just something so glorious about flakey, buttery pastry. I am often guilty of adding extra butter (and then I wonder why I’ve gained 5kg!).


Korea’s croissants have been a constant disappoint to me. They aren’t terrible, but they lack that je ne sais quoi found in their French (and usually European) counterparts. My reasoning is that butter isn’t really popular here, so has to be imported. This makes it EXPENSIVE, so perhaps Korean bakers often opt for other spreads? Maybe’s it’s the air? I just don’t know, but they aren’t the same!!


I recently saw an Instagram photo of a cruffin from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. A muffin made out of croissant dough and filled with flavoured cream seemed like the dessert dreams are made of! Such a shame they are in California.


I had a little explore and low and behold, their only international branch is in Seoul. Not only that, but in beautiful Sinsa! 20minutes from my house! I couldn’t wait to check it out!


The café itself is unbelievably beautiful, while still being chic. The concept is gold and marble with splashes of blush. They have avoided being cliché or garish, instead creating a modern space.


There are two options when you enter. The ground floor houses a take-out counter only. To the right, there is a flight of steps which leads to the café and seating. On the first floor you find the counter and ALL THE CAKES! I could spend hours looking at these beautiful creations.


After you order, you make your way up the gold and marble stairs to the main seating area. With a wall of glass, it is a bright and airy place to enjoy a cruffin and read a good book.




They always have two cruffins on offer in a choice of two flavours. These are changed daily, so there’s always something new to try. I have tried the hazelnut and the berry cream. Both were delicious. They list their weekly flavours’ list on their Instagram so you can coordinate your visit!


The cruffin itself was everything I hoped for and more. Flakey pastry arranged into a muffin shape, it was then filled with cream and your flavour. Mine had white chocolate cream and raspberries. It’s a mess to eat, but what else would you expect. It wasn’t as amazing as French pastry, but when it is filled with cream, who cares?!


If cruffins aren’t your thing, they have a number of other amazing-looking cakes and desserts on offer. They also have an extensive drinks menu if you aren’t hungry (although this is unlikely after seeing what’s on offer!)

If you find yourself in Sinsa, I would highly suggest a visit to Mr Holmes Bakehouse!


Natalia xo